the treehouse

i want that treehouse romance, a home with you, built of crazy ideas
and hammock dreams
in love
[like we’ve never known].

i want a fast and passionate light to set our flowering universe on fire
to burst the flames
to lick at the wounds and scars from the scratching twigs along those roads walked
you and me.

i want a garden filled with roses and a path of scattered stones and leaves to lead our gentle footsteps to down under the willow trees
[that hang
over the shore
of the lake
where we’ll build our treehouse home].

more than anything, more than everything, i just want the everyday.
the vast and open wildflower field of our love – a place to rest, together, our tired, patient bodies – under the sun,
the clouds
a stardust treasure map.

i just want the foreverness of this deep and honest, wholesome love. the magic we know. the magic that has breathed a life into all we are and all that is to come.


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