…the pursuit of life

i float and i drown and life and death are just as painful and perfect as each other.

and the beauty in the pain takes over as i lose my breath to thoughts and memories and squeal in uncontainable and inconsolable delight.

i am beside myself.

a joyousness rises up from the core of me, a place unnoticed until now. and a different kind of happiness flows along a different kind of river [its never travelled this way before].

and i can’t tell the difference between any of it [the floating and the drowning].

but somehow i still know that all roads lead to you.

and i’ve come to understand that coincidence is not that at all. just a perfect lip upon the whitewater of my dreams [the ones rising and unfurling with each step i take along this lovely, wild and curious path.] it’s all for me it’s all for us.

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