25, 24, 23

everything past everything made
everything to come
day after day after hope-filled day.

my sunset, my sunrise,
my twilight my nighttime
my dark-blue, black and silver painted sky.

it’s all you.
and you’re all the constellations too…
[i trace them on your skin as my fingertips skim across your back, tickled with my dot-to-dot imagination, with our initials so invisible so permanent. with forevers so ingrained. and love hearts just the same as when we were kids, and i only dreamed that maybe, one day, you might exist.]

the days are melting before my eyes, they’re melting into me and you. they’re melting into our very own what-will-be. they’re melting and i like it
and i wish for so many things.

fuck i need you,
more than i can or even want to say.

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