twenty-eight, twenty-seven, twenty-six

auckland, new zealand

it was all glare and glassiness along the bike path this morning as i walked in strides larger than my usual upon dampened darkened concrete, all puddles and wet footprints.
i tried to beat the rain. [and i beat the rain until halfway.]
the wind blew the tress i took my strides beneath and shook fat and stagnant water droplets from fluttering, wailing leaves. and so it rained without raining and i smiled in the sunlight that streamed between my lashes. [i’m sure the shadows were divine.]
i squinted.
and i thought about how perfect the morning would become, if a rainbow just appeared. [it really was just the right kind of moment for one. all rain in the distance, dark cloud and the sun.]

i rounded the corner up ponsonby road, and looked to my left as i crossed the bridge over cars and commuters, and i saw it beaming there. i became wholly lost in a delirium of joy and perfection. i smiled. i stopped. i stared. and tears stung the back of my eyes that throbbed with everything, it all made so much sense.


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