drown in dreary darkness
in a hopeless distant wonder
of a time and place with nothing but the sound
of all that’s pure and pleasant.
like the wind.
like sunlight.
like whispering you love me against my lips into my open mouth as we kiss
drown in breaths so shallow, so gasping and so urgent.
drown in the emotion that both murders and revives
that both swears and sighs
that casts and reels
hides and reveals.
drown in all the loneliness, the emptiness, the suffering.
drown in the mystery and blue of my vast unending sea.
and i’ll float up your veins
and drown
in your thick red blood, love-stained

it won’t be long before we’re a saturated mix of
salty water bloodied love.

so happy to drown.
so happy to drown.


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