a loneliness i  spent a long time avoiding washed over me like i never knew it would [again]. 

i thought i conquered this, i thought it was all about the adventure the experience the living to a passionate tee?

well, dear, in  naivety, you thought wrong. with all your heartfelt goodness. all your silver linings and glasses half full, or filling, all the rainbows on rainy days and compassionate and unwavering belief of why things are how they are, you never once considered things might feel bad. and they might feel bad again. because it’s all a little like dull, leftover glitter stuck on every visible surface of your thin skin. and then some. it’s all a little like the walking and exhausting and the thinking and the thinking and thinking thinking thinkingthinkingthinking.

it’s all a little out of your control right now, so dear, in the here in the now, ride the wave and find the joy and love the moment for what and how it is. because it is all there is.

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