and one day soon
i’ll find my way
[across seas and hurdles
and life]
back to you.

and you’ll hold me like i never could leave and i’ll stay there like i never would move and the heat will make us melt into the breath between the kiss between this love between all of me and all of you.

and all this time will fade as we melt
and everything will be still as we melt
and we’ll realise how hard it will be
to leave
once more
as we melt.

and one day, our melting
[all of mine and all of yours]
will blur and blend
[oh, we won’t be able to tell our melted parts apart].

i’ll take your reds and make pinks and you’ll take my yellows and make greens. and our rainbow will be the only home we’ll want to know and we’ll burn burn burn as one. warmer and brighter than we ever could before.

and like no other.
it’s ours.


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