the sky
the night sky
it looked a little different,
as i walked outside into the cool(er) air, it relieved me from this heat-drenched day. the ground was still, uncomfortably, warm.

the moon was almost full. the stars glowed a little more expertly than usual. a plane passed between the two, the stars and the moon, to paint a trail of creamy white against darkened blue, a line to break the blind.

but more spectacular still, on the horizon glowed a far-off bushfire. a plume of smoke.
a haunting contrast to the normalcy of the stars and the moon and the big dark blue.
red and orange and a smokey plume.
drifting across tonight’s nighttime.
tonight’s night sky.

a whole lot of movement in the ordinary stillness.
the heat and the plane,
the glow,
the fire far away.

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