november fourth. and now.

i want all of you. your heart, your mind, your soul.

your love.

i want your breath against my neck at 1am. i want your fingertips tracing curves along my spine, your strong and comfortable shoulder to rest my tired, heavy head upon. i want to steal your side of the bed because i just can’t get close enough, even in my dreaming. i want to be revived in the morning by a pure and beautiful desire to become even closer than that. i want your whispers and no promises. i want to see you smile, to see your blue storytelling eyes pull me in [though i’m not sure i could ever handle the fullness and fragility that is me because of that].
i want you.
all of you.
all of the time.

i want to be kissing you, more than i know i’ll be able to.

i want to wake up
on your side of the bed
with you lying next to me on its very, very edge.
your eyes on mine.
the sun streaming through your curtainless windows,
on the foaminess of that just-right bed,
under sheets [askew]
all skin all skin all skin.
i want your hand to find mine and your kiss to find my forehead.
your pressing lips.
your kiss.

and i want it all to be the smallest and the biggest part of my extraordinarily ordinary everyday.

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