and to make a small point of it, it’s never over. it’s always moving. and i’m keeping up, oh my am i keeping up. i’m running like the wind, with the wind, on the thinness and the coldness and the freshness of the wind. i’m ravaging my hungry soul with creativity and beauty and love. i’m feasting and i’m lapping up all the decadent, sweet, richness of this delectable, delicious life.

i’m done with wondering. i guess this is simple faith, now. as i humbly steer towards the future without one in my sight.
clarity without clearness.
and love
with loving.

never have i been more prepared to say yes. never have i felt the pull of all that seems so right. and, i begin gravitating towards the confidence in it all working out in a way i’ll never comprehend. in the meeting of the people, those perfect, perfect moments. in the fated paths i walk, in the meals i share and the words that spread and layer upon our gentle hearts. i float kindly, keenly aware of all that’s happening without me knowing why. so i ask it anyway. and the only answer i ever expect comes in the repeating of the fate and the meals and the conversations that make me ask why and why and why why why, over and over again.


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