“sunshine all the time makes a desert.” – arab proverb

to keep going, to stay afloat with the calm and the chaos, to take just one more step, one day after the next, that’s how you win battles. that’s how you fight fear. that’s how you dig deeper and reach further into the parts of you that are hidden in shadows
to be flooded in sunlight
just for moments
just like these.

and they come.

no matter if you want to stop, want to breathe the water into your lungs, want to get to a place just so you can fall down and fall to pieces. [your skin prickles with the memories and the urgency and the planning or the waiting or the anticipation for the pain to take you entirely over.]

you’ll find the chords,
the melody of the moment
in the motion of the emotion, and in the time it took for you to feel like this, the rain has already begun to fall. like a mist of feeling to numb you or to make you feel it all, all at once.

so fall.
fall to pieces.

rest in weariness. rest in fleeting failure. wait and find and settle your peace. drink that rain that seems to fall in every direction you look. saturate your soul. wash. let it strip you pure. let it fill your mind. and smile as it does. smile, and realise,
this happens to the best of us.
you are one of the best of us.


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