[photo: black hill conservation park, south australia]

trees trees trees. oh how insignificant all your worries become, when you’re wandering, in the wilderness, to nowhere in particular, with no purpose but clean air and adventure.
plumes of butterflies filled our path. the smells of the ferns, the tallest, skinniest gums and the biggest, widest elms. the rosellas, their sounds, their blurring multi-colours, tiny rainbows flying by. the kookaburra that dove right into the dirt, seconds later flew up to a branch to ate its prey in solitary bliss. [he never even knew we were there.]
the sun shone through branches and left shadows that bounced and played against the dirt and shrubbery. and then the kangaroos, who stood as families, so proud and so glorious, basking in the dusk of this very perfect day filled with all things australia and everything i needed to make this world feel somehow right again.

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