a day is worth its weight in love

oh sure, you can fall in love in a day
really, you can –
it’s a whole, entire, day,
worth forever.
[you can be anyone,
feel everything,
become the biggest part of it or nothing at all
in a day.]

don’t tell me!
you don’t believe in love at first sight?
well, there’s a special kinda thing, you know,
when two people find their way back to one another
[without ever meeting in this life before]
an outstretched hand,
a hello my name is,
an instant realisation that this is why you live
why you search.
and in it you find a missing piece of yourself, buried and waiting to be discovered, right there, in that other being standing opposite you – one you know both nothing and everything about –
seeing that they see it too.
and finding they were living in you.
all this time.

all this time.

a million wasted hours
but all of it wasted
just for this.

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