a night sky littered with stars, more white than black. with gentleness, it pulls its way across the sky.

‘i love you to the moon
and back.’ 

and we’re made of stardust, you and i.
and we’re made of dreams too – you’ll see.
because this isn’t about the you and the me,
this is about the us,
the we.

even if it’s gone,
you know,
i know,
it lives on
in memories so vivid so strong.
and i wonder where you are,
or if you look at these same stars
and if you think about me,
like i

with a feeling and a name
and thoughts of day, night, mid-morning,
all the same.

you left me with a kiss,
as we giggled,
and it was this
that made it all the everything
that may be all it is.

so if we’re made of stardust [and we’re made of nothing]
[and between us lives that nothing] and
we stare
at stars
made of the same things
that we are
then we’ll be travelling side-by-side in this crazy, beautiful life,
we’ll be travelling, oh watch us fly! i’m free, you’re free.

is why.


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