i fell asleep to the sounds of gusty wind and sam reciting australian poetry from memory. i fell asleep in blissful exhaustion. with the smell of the campfire and the sickly, satisfying sweetness of burnt-to-a-crisp marshmallows in my belly. i fell asleep thinking of home but dreamt of nothing i can remember. i fell asleep last night, in a tent, alone, in the canadian countryside, so lost in heart and mind.

i woke to a sunday morning clouded in glaring grey. i woke to green tea delivered right to my tent. i woke with warm breakfast. i woke with the squirrels and the birds, new friends and one very old.

i slept and i woke, like any ordinary day, but this one, well this one seems a little different.

off i go, the morning is slowly slipping away, the grey remains. but i’m a little less tired and a little more found in all the smells and sounds of this canadian campground.


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