here and now

and i believe my feet can take me anywhere i like, that when i follow them, just one step at a time, i find myself in all the places i always dreamed i’d be, but never planned or chose.

i believe the strength lies in the vistas of all that awaits me and all that peers quietly over my shoulder. in learning, growing, changing, accepting. in loving all the places and spaces i’m led to. in open air, under the shade of an albizia tree, with mud between my toes and sweat in salty rivers tracking down my skin. in the uphill and the downhill and that perfect moment when the breeze picks up or clouds scatter showers for just a little bit.

i believe in me,
in all the strength,
in all of me.

and my feet make the footprints that my heart asks them to make. and so i find i’m here.

and so
i find
i’m here.

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