and just like that it burst from my soul. a rush so strong it made my fingers dance with delight along the keys of my happy future. 

just this. 

writing and loving and poetically defining my life in the way i feel it best. the way that sustains me, that makes me live like this! that makes me want to feel more! so i can write more and love more! so i can write more. and break more. and burn more. travel more and see more of this wonderful, mysterious, world with stories so deep and rich. so i can write more. until my most sacred secrets come spilling out of all the words i tried so hard to put into such perfect prose and paragraphs. until everything falls down or everything explodes. or we melt or we perish or we surrender to whatever it is that’s coming our way. in the you and the me. in the blueness of the ocean on the sunniest day. in the pride and ceaseless love of my family and friends who understand me most. in the yearning and wanting and longing for the everything else. 

my soul is on fire. 

you’ll find me here – you’ll find me everywhere – in the new and the uncomfortable. in the missing home, the craving for more, the searching for place and the figuring out that this world is my place, i’ll explore her my entire life.

so you’ll find me in my words, as i run side-by-side with my most passionate dreams.

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