constant constellations

we’re separated by hours, distance, or both. i live in ten time zones, i check the clocks of all my worlds so far apart.

[too far apart.]

tell me how tomorrow looks, and i’ll tell you what you’re looking forward to.

three hours, six hours, ten hours, twelve. so many miles…

[too many miles.]

the space that keeps us from each other, it taunts me with dreaming and waking. goodnights and good mornings so blurred with sunrise and sunset.

and at least we have the sky! the moon, the sun, the stars that shine for us wherever we are. constellations telling our places apart. and tearing the distance down.

i miss you from 200 miles away and 200,000 miles away. i miss you in the vicinity of my heart’s vibrations. but you’re there, so close.

[too close for me to realise.]

so many loves in so many time zones. all those cities and countries i envy.

i’m so jealous of the place that gets to see your smile, hear your voice. where you sleep and dream, without me. the place that, so luckily, keeps you.

[and so that time we spent together made all the difference.]

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