day 121

i just want to go everywhere, see everything.

i want to slice my heart into a million pieces, cast slivers wherever i go and reel in all the lessons learned in midnight conversations, drunken 3ams and waking before birdsong. i want to see skylines glittered with brilliant rainbows and yellow moons, changing constellations, scorching sunsets and animals made of clouds.

i want to meet people with stories so bold, saturated and seeping with pain or elatedness or adventure or hopefulness – or all of it together in one big bundle of bravery, of living. i want to fall in love for a week and lose my breath to emotion so unexpectedly deep.

i want tears to come when beauty comes and whispers in my ear to wake me so gently from the exquisiteness of my daydreaming.

i want the heartbreak of a hollywood goodbye and the giddiness of an overdue reunion. i want friends, i want lovers, i want passersby to change my life. i want to be surprised, to make no plans and find a way, catch a train to nowhere, laugh at my loneliness and call life out as the spade it is.

i want to become lost in it all. and i want to wander this world barefooted and bright-eyed.

oh let me know everywhere and feel everything so perfectly, so real.

4 Replies to “day 121”

  1. Yet another one of your writings ringing so true to me that it aches! I want to travel the world with you!! Meet me in Europe?!


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