any day now

beneath it all, brewing and bubbling, a beautiful thing is happening.

a thing that will change my life, change yours too. oh, and change the world, you know. because that’s all i really want to do. change the world and give give give so much love.

[it’s all there bottled and ready – so take it if you dare. take it and drown in it. and know exactly what to do as it fills your heart and offers a completeness – one we always search for, but one that’s found in unseeing. in unthinking. in the undoing of all we’ve been told to know.]

the wind moves fast and the birds call loud and i stop and i breathe and i smile, just to take the time to feel the excitement pulsating through my veins, against my skin and into my heart, as it all starts to erupt in fiery anticipation and elation. 

it’s joy, so pure and lovely.


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