he taught me that word, when it was only words. when we existed between the letters of the alphabet, sentences of this and that and not much else. when we existed between dreams and waking, all the time and space that separated us.

i miss you.
i miss you too.
i can’t wait to see you.
not long now.
when will you arrive.
never soon enough.

this isn’t just about me, you’re the same, we’re all the same. there’s chaos in everything, chaos and complexity. we’re all connected, all pulling at that same invisible thread. only to find a reason in everything and no reason for anything. because it exists deeper in our hearts than we could ever reach. it exists beyond the universe, so much further than we could ever find. it exists a million hours away and in this very second.

and yours
and theirs,
the make up of all our sorrows and happiness. our wonders and revelations. of our togetherness. all ours and theirs and yours and mine.

so i could spend the rest of my life just missing you. but i won’t. because maybe this means more than that; that you know it too; that it’s all just one perfect moment of in between; that this feels like our very own in between and we’re the only ones in this singular, looping, perfect dream of ever-land.

we’re all going somewhere, we’re all feeling something, we’re all connected. so double knot my thread with yours and let my complexity become your simplicity and revel in the notion that nothing and everything is why it is what it is.

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