living and living and living and living

in between now and then, i’ll live a little life. i’ll live a life of hellos, goodbyes. of planes and trains.

sore feet.

tired eyes. 

i’ll live a life in google maps and questions on directions. a fear of buses, subways, trams. people and crowds, how i’ll carry my bags. 

[i’ll wish i had a backpack, i’ll wish i had a suitcase.] 

i’ll live a life of missing home. missing the comfort. missing things that happen when i’m gone – because that world keeps spinning too, it doesn’t stop for me – but knowing there’s a point to all the chaos and emotion. i’ll live a life of budgets. happy hour and cheap eats. drinking espressos, dirty hair and shoes in the shower. finding so much kindness in strangers, travellers. wanting so much to give it all back.

i’ll live a life of no complaints. new friends, old friends, reuniting and leaving again. wondering where it is i’ll finally stop. end. find content. build a life. or is this just it, all the bricks and mortar? 

i’ll live a life of pinching myself. because none of this feels real. because i could have only ever dreamed it. but now i’m here, i’m there, i’m going everywhere.

and nothing can stop me! 
and life is so wonderful! 
and i can’t even tell you how but my soul beams light energy and my heart fills with love at the thought of everyone, everything, every precious moment still to come!


so i’ll live a life of living. a life of finding a place of doing, a place that feels oh so bloody right. a place made of dreaming and loving and everything else that’s nice.


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