[it wasn’t today, by the way]

my eyes burn. they’re tired. but i think, so i’m awake.

[a mosquito nnnnns around my head.]

today, yes today, was a very peculiar day. you see, i’m lost. rather, i’m just a little confused. a little separated from reality. a little on edge. i’m waiting.

[i hate waiting.]

today i saw hawaii everywhere. i felt i’d lost the magic. that it stayed, with my heart [not unusually], on the island. but i saw hawaii everywhere and i guess i saw little glimpses of the magic, too.

i know better now. hawaii lives in me. in the crevasses of my soul. in the peaks and valleys of my memories. it’s the place, yeah, but it’s about those good vibes, the ones that fed me day after day – but that lives in me. it follows me, hunts and chases and envelopes me, everywhere i go.

read me like a book. you’ll see the magic in my eyes.

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