day seven.

you don’t want me. i’m no good for you. i won’t pretend to be messed up or hurt or bruised and battered. no. i won’t pretend. it’s not who i am. i’m strong and i’m reckless and i’m working towards fearless. but i’m a lover and a dreamer and i believe so much in fate.

[you don’t want me, you just think you do. truly, i’m no good for you.]

because i’m waiting for that day. the love at first sight. the bar has been set and my standards are high and that list of everything i’m looking for stays under my pillow, so close while i dream. from here to eternity, it’s the white ghost of my imagination. so surreal, yet so vivid. i reach out and i almost touch it.

i can feel it coming.

it’s that strong pull of destiny. toward the life i know awaits me. the one full of magic. of fairy tales. the capital letters of my mind.


swallow me whole.


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