time is passing, fast. i’m stuck in this moment, a constant battle between my head and my heart. i’m young, i have everything ahead of me: love, life, adventure, travel, sunsets in colours more vivid than i can dream, in countries more alive than i can imagine. in everything i read, everything i see, everything i hear. the world awaits.

my time is precious. and it’s passing, so fast. 

this weekend has been stimulating. the past hour in itself has been worth more to the food of my passion than the entirety of the last month. so i had conversations about travel and exotic places and how i just have to visit positano. for the good of my soul. and i had conversations about goals and life and love and what it means to be a locust in the wind.

it’s time i take the leap. 

i talk about it too much. and the caution stays safely locked inside. there are too many moments where my head takes the lead. but what a fantastic opportunity; what a great stepping stone; what an amazing way to start; what a lucky break. 

well what about my heart? my dreams. the passion i feel so deeply inside. the passion that feasts and grows with every waking and every dreaming moment. how is it fair that i can so easily forget my heart?

what about that thing that gives my life meaning. that thing i live for.

my purpose.

my one true love.

what about the tryst, the romance, the undeniable magic of a life lived everyday in a moment just like the one when you finally realise what you’re meant to do.

i know it. without any doubt. and with every tingle in my spine and every tear of frustration, sadness and heartbreak; every painful, beautiful, honest memory. every feeling. with every word i write.

this is who i am, who i’ll always be.


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