time to dream

i had a moment of bliss the other day, driving home from work. it’s just me, myself and i. alone. and in love. getting back to me, who i am, what i want. the person i want to be. a moment of bliss even after changing course.

i’m in love. with me. i’m working hard to be on my own. to grow my dreams. to hunt down destiny and pin it on my sleeve – next to where my heart sits. i always fall hard. always. and the worst part about ending those hard fallen relationships is that your entire view of the future is changed: month to month, week to week. you build a life out of hopes and thoughts and daydreams. then you burn the blueprints only to start all over again.

life is easier on my own.

i’m always compromising with myself. i should just remember i want what i want, and accept nothing less. but i just get caught up in the romanticism. the notion and the whimsy and the way it makes me feel. right now, all i want is an unadulterated love affair with me.

so destiny and my heart are pinned side by side, visible and vulnerable, but courageous and prepared. love will always save me.


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