in mysterious ways.

she told me these things. and people ask: but now that you know, aren’t you looking for that? well, yes. i am. unfortunately, but fortunately.

i told my friend alex today. (alex, who is always there to listen to my struggles. who offers fabulous advice. and always barracks for the underdog.) i told her that i recognised it because i knew it. it was fate all along. fate that i’d see her and be told what i was told. it was fate, because maybe i needed something to push me into it. to make me see it. open my eyes to an opportunity that might not have been anything at all, if i didn’t know it first.

it’s interesting to think about, nonetheless. 

so yes, now i look for all those things. those things the psychic told me. be as cynical as you want. but it’s already falling into place. or placing itself somehow, surrounding my life in moments made too perfectly to be just a coincidence. it was always meant to be this way. 


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