she asked us to stay present tonight. to stay in the room. to stay with each breath. but my mind was racing. a million miles an hour it was racing. i was thinking and planning and dreaming up moments.

what we’d say. what the weather would be like. how it would all end up.

mmm. my mind was racing. thoughts of how and when and wishing on stars. of what’s next and where to. what am i meant to do with it all? my mind jumped from thought to thought as my body moved from pose to pose.

but i came back to my breath in yoga tonight, filling my lungs, my soul, with new, positive, liberating energy. the opposite fading with each determined exhale.

i came back to my breath, yes, even as those thoughts tried to rush around my body, with the blood coursing through my heart, beating so fast.

i’ll tame my wild thoughts. one day i will.


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