wild words.

it felt like a scene from a movie. all those words flooding my head. not my heart, not really. nothing is sinking in much further than skin deep, lately anyway. they tell me things and i hear them. but i’m not listening. i’m not processing. i’m not feeling.

it felt like a scene from a movie without, well, without a resolution. the words were words, said like something out of reflex or reaction. a chain reaction. one thing ended so it was back to the original. out with the new, in with the old. why didn’t he think of that sooner? why did he have to wait so long? 

things change. seasons pass. time moves forward. nothing in my life has been stagnant or routine or constant. i’m used to the change, the feeling of the ticking clock. the colours of the leaves as they move from green to orange and brown, to the ground. the rhythm of the world on a holiday, on a work day, on an ordinary sunday. 

fate is why he broke my heart.


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