wayward winds and lollipop skies.

it’s two birds on a power line, kissing with their beaks. it’s making milkshakes and memories. thinking about all the wonderful things we could be doing. thinking about the amazing opportunities lying before us.

it’s youth. it’s in the eyes of a staring child. it’s the moment you sit there speechless, a bubbling of emotion restricting your words. for where you thought they were, they aren’t.

it’s everydayness and surprising reciprocity of feelings growing inside you. both of you. it’s the moment you realise that this is all you’ve ever wanted.

what drives you? what makes your passionate heart run wild? why are you living? we’re caught up, entangled in the web of mediocrity. this world is spectacular, this world is abundant. this world, for better and worse, is waiting for us to explore it. it’s sinking and growing, cities and landmarks. it’s fading dusks and glowing moons. it’s wishing and receiving. it’s forgetting the difference between work and a weekend. it’s doing what you love.

don’t wait. read, devour, listen, explode, let the moments eat you up, intensify your thoughts and take your breath away. let it take you over. let yourself discover. 

it’s all just waiting.

my feet, my heart, are itching, again.


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