ready or not.

i want to go back an read all the books i read even just a year ago. i wonder how i’d feel about them now. i wonder what i’d think of them.

there is no sour taste. there is no hate or loathing. there is no insecurity holding me back. i’m pushing forward and into life, into the world and across the universe. the doors are opening and the clouds are clearing and autumn’s rainy days are making me smile.

you see, i’m not the person i used to be. i’m not holding onto anything. not wishing my life away. not waiting for that huge moment to lose myself in and fill myself up. no. and it’s no because i know. it’s coming. my heart tugs a little at my chest when i think about it. and i breathe a little deeper and smile a little wider. autumn rain and open doors.

it’s just simple living…

simple living and patient waiting.


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