i don’t feel like i’ve ever known myself better than i do now; ever been more myself; ever acknowledged me and my capabilities as much; ever been so sure.

i’m walking as me, talking and looking and feeling exactly as i feel i’m meant to. i am so comfortable with the thoughts in my head, the direction of my future, the images of my past. my memories aren’t vivid, a lot of the time i forget things, things i think i should remember – those that mattered at the time. but the difference is, now i can accept and i let it all go. into the universe i send the energy i consume. it’s expelled and it’s reused and it’s remember and forgotten. 

never have i known myself better.

i’m truly falling into a person created from experiences. courageous and heartbroken and optimistic and foolish but always, always growing. learning, loving and leaving past moments to their moment. no pressure. no guilt. no regret.

this isn’t me becoming a perfect person, no, it’s far from that. it’s me accepting my faults and failures and using it to mould my life. it is what it is, like it always will be.


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