that’s a very good place to start

so it’s post three hundred. three hundred times i’ve spilled my thoughts somehow. some of it rubbish, some of it gibberish, some of it a mix of emotions i could do without (those posts i look back on and cringe…windows that should’ve never been opened (but were, so that’s that)).

in the beginning, it was about creating a future, it’s now about exploring me. who i am, who i want to be. a wholly significant young woman with an outrageous life ahead of her; so full of all the possibilities in the world. a world that awaits me. beckons me. taunts and teases and tickles my senses, my ambition.

i wouldn’t change any of the three hundred thousand different emotions i have felt over this past year or so. but i will change the future version of myself. i’ll learn from my mistakes. and i’ll fall, yes. many times.

but always: try, try again.


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