nothing but a number

“i’m not thinking about next year,” i told her when she asked me of my plans. i used to think in years, set goals in years, tell myself next year is the year. but that’s not me anymore.

it’s all just a way of keeping track, but instead of time as my gauge, i’m using events, those insignificant things that happen everyday. the ones we often look past. opportunity is a funny thing, it turns perception into acceptance. there’s no use being angry at the things you can’t change. the moments that melt away after an hour or two. i’ve found they just become added to the list of day to day events. apparently it’s called life.

this year is no different to next year. it’s only numbers on a calendar. 

but i won’t lie, i’m looking forward to 2012. the new seasons, the career moves, holding my first niece or nephew, seeing my brother marry, my parents live a glowing life, falling in love.

if i want to make plans, set goals, think ahead, i’ll do it all today. it’s day by day starting now. there’s no point waiting any longer. today is as good as any other. i’m just taking it as it comes. 


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