that time taken

there is a certain sense of direction i’ve now gained from what is happening. a knowingness. a clarity. it’s all new. it’s all exciting.

this direction and knowingness and clarity is pushing me toward a future i never prepared for, never planned for. one i thought would just happen. and now the universe is taking its time to open its graces to me and let me be someone. make myself. create a life to live and forget about that time i spent biding.

i’m slowly finding my way out of limbo. slowly patching up the holes of any plan i tried to make. slowly finding my feet.

in this world of uncertainty, it’s not an arrow i’m looking for. not a map or a sign or anything to lead me to anywhere in particular. it’s just a backpack full of whatever i need to make my way to wherever i choose. wherever i end up. knowing i was meant to be there and all this time spent caught between was just destiny in disguise.


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