i started work last week. started something i’ve been wanting to start for a while, now. you know, starting something and seeing something happen. future plans. direction.

i day dream. a lot. i day dream about maui (hawaii in general, really). i am yearning to go back. travel. see and do all the things i didn’t while i was there. soak in those glorious rays of sun so warm, lay on the sand and watch the clouds float by.

it seems i forget to do things now. when i’m busy, i’m not myself. i hope that ends soon. i miss myself. hah. that’s ridiculous. what i mean is, well, i am trying to be someone i haven’t been in a long time…maybe even ever before. no, not trying to be, having to be. i’ve been thrust into a position, forced to conform and become a busy person.

now that life in maui, while only a day dream away, seems like a lifetime ago.


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