it’s not all about you.

it’s a grandeur you don’t see too often. one that takes you by surprise, takes your breath away, leaves you with a lump in your throat and, unable you speak, you stare.

i’m walking down gibsons steps seeing the first of the twelve apostles, a natural wonder of the world, and i’m taking it all in. at the bottom of the stairs, i stand and i look and i breathe. and i feel it take me over.

the enormity. the austerity. the strength. 

those are the things to live for. you can’t imagine the age, knowing it’s stood, so long, eventually carved from the coastline over millions of years. unfathomable. unbelievable. 

i used to dissect life, a lot. i used to think of it deeply and literally and with thoughts that overwhelmed me. now, i’ve learned to let it be. leave it alone. when you think about something so deeply, you find the inconsistencies. but that’s impossible…

this natural wonder of the world didn’t make me think about anything like that. it’s possible because i saw it. that’s it. i stood and i stared and i spoke nothing. i was immovable, i was astounded, i was in awe. and it made me feel feeble and humbled and insignificant.

bringing me back to earth. grounding me.

there is so much in the world bigger than me, more important, more worthy of my thoughts, of my energy.

it’s time to look at the bigger picture.


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