it’s time i wrote something down. anything, really. it’s been too long between the spill (of my thoughts, that is) and it’s getting me down. each time i go to write, i stop and don’t want to/can’t/have no idea what is worth writing, in my head.

the truth is, so much has been happening. so many emotions of absolute unbelievability. nothing i have thought to feel or want to ever again. sorrow, grief, empathy. all these things boiling over, felt for everyone else in the room, that room so full of everything.

and what to make of it? we all feel things, we’re all human. no one should be judged on how they handle whatever it might be. some people cry, others? numbed. everyone grieves differently.

death is final and creates perspective in a life otherwise lacking that depth and clarity and wholesomeness we all want to feel. but all somehow forget to, until it explodes right in front of us, without warning, without concern for anyone caught in the way.


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