change is as good as a holiday

in two weeks, it will be twelve months since i finished university. so much has happened. yet i am still kicking myself for not having moved into the next phase of my life. i’m transitioning. i’m relaxing. i’m having fun. i have no worries or responsibilities. life is freaking amazing right now.

why the hell am i complaining?

i could live like this forever. write for the rest of my life. for fun. live like a hippie. move back to hawaii to live in a shack by the ocean. all i’ll need is a computer, an old typewriter, no, sheesh, endless reams of paper and pens, no pencils…and a sharpener!

my feet will be hardened from walking around with no shoes. i’ll have a dog named doug who fetches the paper and swims in the sea. i’ll eat bananas and coconuts that fall from the trees.

i’ll be free.


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