the long haul

today, it’s my mum and dad’s 31st wedding anniversary. what a benchmark to strive to.

part of me has always known such a marriage/relationship/love exists because i see it, everyday. but another part of me feels that the idea of finding a soulmate is so far fetched. you can’t always be that lucky.

it’s huge. so much bigger than me. something i can’t fathom. that feeling of wanting to be with someone for 31 years. still, they are happy. so happy. happier than i can ever imagine being, with someone else.

“i didn’t know what i was doing 31 years ago. i just knew i wanted to be with her,” dad said. mum agreed, “we didn’t have any plans. it was just about being with each other.”

they just wanted to get married. they were so sure. mum was 19. dad turned 21 the next day. so young to make such a big decision. but love doesn’t discriminate based on age. those people who say you don’t know what love is, you’re too young are so wrong. love is love. it just gets more complicated when you’re older. there are more things to consider. but that’s our fault. whatever happened to falling?

this love, that my mum and dad share, is big. soulmate big.

i’m hopeful. plus, luck has been pretty kind to me in the past.


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