it has been a while since i’ve seen you. i miss you. i miss the time we spent together. i miss the excitement. newness. unknown. i miss the feelings you evoked in me, the person you taught me to be. the withdrawals are getting to me. i long for you and everything you represented in my life.

it’s time i take a trip to the airport. maybe i’ll just sit there, watching the planes come and go. maybe i’ll walk up to a counter and buy a ticket to wherever the next flight is going. or maybe i’ll just forget about you and all the fun we had. i can’t afford you anyway.

we’ll see each other again soon enough. promise. it was never goodbye.

airports, you gave me so much. it was always about the journey…and it will always be about the journey.

(even though you make me spend ten dollars on a bottle of water, i still miss you.)


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