she’s living and working in paris. breathing/experiencing france, eating/speaking french, being a parisian. what a special girl, what an amazing opportunity.

i’ve known tessa since i was a kid. we grew up dancing and being little girls, praying for tutus in our end of year concerts. 

she started at bond before i did and when my time came to make the move to university, she met me at a coffee shop to give me advice, warn me of the fun and tell me all the things i desperately needed to know. she said i needed a nice quilt cover set. trivial but brilliant. 

from that advice came greater advice. and now, when i need an honest, brutal, realistic opinion, i ask tessa. she grounds me, allays my paranoia, tells me i’m ridiculous – or right. she is full of the wisdom, kindness and patience of a friend you have for life.


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