unmotivated, i sit and watch deal or no deal. i see the look in the woman’s eye, i can do one more, i want more. greed gets the better of us sometimes. sometimes, it isn’t about being grateful, it’s about wanting more.

i’m reading the art of happiness at the moment. it’s compelling, reading about what truly makes you happy. the dalai lama is telling me everyone, yes everyone, has the inherent ability to be happy. it’s all about compassion.

so i’m trying this thing. it’s called being nice. i’m not a terrible person, but i have my moments. it feels good doing something nice. being nice. helping someone. 

what brings me happiness? i had to rethink some things, turn them around, look at them from another angle: travelling. no, experiencing new things. exercising. no, being healthy. going out. no, enjoying the company of my friends. easy things, free things, things that make me happy.

i’m working on me this year. i didn’t make a new years resolution. at the time, there was nothing to resolve. nothing more i could have wanted. and now, thinking about being happy, i find myself making this resolution: 2011 will be a year of growth in happiness. of finding my feet. of creating my life. i set myself up last year. i finished and found and experienced everything i needed to. and i take those skills and lessons and i create my happiness.

we always want more. but sometimes, we don’t need more. take the deal.


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