i’ve never been this cold.

my nose burns. my eyes water. my bones hurt. my fingers, numb, nose, numb, ears, numb. i feel like my face will freeze off. achy legs. retreat. i need warmth.

there i was, simply thinking, thinking simply.



tears form. irrepressible happiness. snow. floating, blowing, falling – gracefully – through the air. onto the ground. into me.

i smile.

it wasn’t much. i won’t exaggerate. but it was enough for me to see and make me feel in love. new, exciting, unexplainable. that feeling that pulsed through me and liberated me and switched something on and turned something around and electrified a part of me and broke and repaired and satiated and emptied, renewed, exploded, defined, expelled, moved…


there are no more words.


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