tell ’em they’re dreamin’

it happened again. i teared up. i got sad. i said goodbye.

three years is a long time. who knows how long it will be, this time.

now i wait in transit. airports are becoming habitual. goodbyes, annoying moments of nervousness and anxiousness and many other ness words make me angry. angry at myself that i allow it to happen. consume me. get under my skin.

but that’s life.

i’m excited for adventures past and present and future.

lingering feelings of happiness. i still feel it. happy, that is. these moments in life are the ones i’ll always remember. those that are becoming memories of already better times. no, not better. just great. nothing more, nothing less.

i can’t compare it. won’t even try. and i can’t fathom it’s brilliance. it’s all actually happening. i’m here. living the dream.


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