i like travelling, i decided with confidence. i like the thrill of getting off a plane in a place i’ve never been and walking to the other side of the airport to find a gate for a connecting flight. i like the suspense of waiting in your seat for someone to walk up and say they’re sitting next to you. and i like even more the excitement when they close the doors and you’re left with two empty seats and a joy for the stretch you’ll soon be able to indulge in. what pleasure!

i left maui tuesday night. and with it i left some people i started to love. grandma, mum, daughter. Three generations of the same blood, yet all completely different people, all completely different when compared to me, too. i gave hugs and said see you sooner than you think, while choking a little on a tightness in my throat – one that took me by surprise. it wasn’t overwhelming, but a flutter of a feeling i didn’t think i’d have. one i thought excitement would mask.

sitting on the plane, on the way to baltimore, i feel a sense of accomplishment. yeah, that’s what i would call this feeling. accomplished satisfaction.

phoenix was nothing like i expected. actually, i didn’t have any expectations for it – being a city i was only passing through. but when i looked out my window before landing and saw clumps of crater like mountains, i was in awe. appearing as though they had been thrown upon the ground and carved into shape, the terrain took me in.

i sleep on and off. dream crazy things. my mind, abuzz.

ipod on shuffle, flying to kings of leon: arizona. amazing happenstance. this will be good.


i arrive. it’s more than i can manage. overwhelming. but, so much better than i could have ever imagined.

but, i’m feeling something…


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