that’s the point.

you get comfortable. you become unhappy. but you think you’re too far gone. so you settle. convince yourself this is what you want, where you want to be, who you want to be. when you hit that wall and realise it’s not for you, will you push the thought aside and stay 65% happy, or will you stop, reassess and do something about it?

what type of person are you?

too many people don’t realise the implications of being miserable. so many different examples emerge all of which are blunt, so bear with me: fat man keeps getting fatter dies of a heart attack at 57. routine. it’s too much effort to change. girl stays in totally innocent yet unbelievably boring relationship decides she wants more, cheats, feels guilty, unintentionally breaks his heart. weak. it’s too hard to break up. woman receives amazing career opportunity yet stays at her job out of comfort, although totally unmotivated, boss is unappreciative of her lacklustre efforts so fires her anyway. fear. i’m too scared of the unknown. in each of these cases, you are left with nothing.

dead, guilt, jobless.

i can understand how people get themselves into these situations. but it’s what you do after that separates the mice from the men, so to speak. moving on is hard. but sometimes staying in one place, one situation, is even harder.

i felt it here. i felt the pull of something more. i was not completely unhappy, but i was becoming unmotivated, restless. i needed to move on so i made plans. and it was a hard decision. leaving people who i felt loyalties towards. leaving something i felt committed to seeing out. but i wanted to move on. so i worked around it. bittersweet, yes. but sometimes you have to take the good with the bad.

there is always a point where you say enough is enough. you’re never too far gone. you always have more than one option. don’t settle.

what type of person are you? consider your sanity. acknowledge the fact you’re wasting precious time. be proactive, take chances.

if you think there’s more, there probably is. 


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