bucket list

i leave next week. it hit me this morning. when i woke up, stepped outside and smelled the freshness of autumn coming to a close (don’t think cold, think island). perfect.

outside, the sun looks warm. it’s only early, so i’ll wait a bit to bask in its burn. until then, i’ll pull together all my loose ends and bundle them as best i can. there is so much i still need to do, and of course i leave it to the last minute – that’s just me. 

so as i scurry to finish up my time here, instead of ticking off my list of things to do, i think. i think about these past two months (or so). how they don’t feel like that at all. days began to blur together. same tasks, same routine, same excitement. don’t get me wrong, it has been a crazy adventure that has tested me in more ways that one, good and bad. but i don’t feel like it has been two months. 

the first two days felt like two years. i was so unsure. so out of my comfort zone. after i relaxed a little, time flew by. and now, here we are. time flew by. time escaped me. that seems to be happening a lot. time flying by.

the sprinklers come on, shooting in all directions, making erratic patterns on my wall of sun and shadows. they remind me of routine. every morning. 8:40am. routine is bearable when you live on an island.


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