“hey, howrya?” i smiled, kept walking. “god bless you,” he enthused. and after catching the print on my backpack, “oh i love hawaii too! right ooon girrrl,” continued the man with no front teeth and a pot belly in dirty clothes with a plastic bag filled with what seemed to be, his only possessions. i laughed to myself.

there are lots of homeless people in lahaina. they sleep on the beach, on the street, wherever they can. it’s warm here. it doesn’t rain much, either. you could drive 10 minutes north or 10 minutes south and it would be storming. lahaina stays dry.

a paradise. for visitors, locals, those passing through. me.

but i’m leaving.

in 10 days.

change of plan. change of heart. i booked flights and i’m leaving. again. away from another place i only just started to get to know. but i feel good. i feel positive. i am excited about the next part of my adventure. leading me back to the past to hugs and laughter and old times with old friends in new places. giddy with anticipation of seeing those i’ve dreamed of seeing since the day they left.

i can’t sit still.


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