i’ll keep reminding myself

it shouldn’t have but it did. i’m sorry, to myself mostly. to all i believed in, all i stand for and live by. the one thing i thought i would never do. i betrayed myself.

it took someone else to make me realise what an amazing lifestyle i am living.

how was i so blind?

throughout my (short) lifetime i have made a point of always being able to acknowledge the beauty of a given place at any given time. i could always stop and smell the roses, take time and think about how lucky i am to have the opportunity to do what i’m doing and see the wonderful things i am seeing. 

i always knew this was brilliant, always knew i was in the right place. but sometimes, i think you get comfortable. i would have never recognised this as a legitimate excuse for a lack of appreciation if it hadn’t just come up and whacked me straight in the face. i needed someone to remind me where i was. what i was doing.

and as much as i am ashamed of myself, annoyed i couldn’t figure this out on my own, i can respect the fact that at least i appreciate it all again now. i’m back to my roots, grounded, fully knowing of exactly how lucky i am. tenfold.

good. i’m back to where i want to be.


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